Sac Steam
Harry Mossman, Webmaster

Steampunk Tinkers Union

February Game Night Social, Fri. 2/20/2015

And birthday party for Arnica Autumn Breeze

Time to be announced

Victorian ladies playing cards

Bring substantial snacks that will make do for dinner and snacks throughout the evening. I will supply lots of warm spiced apple cider. There is already plenty of (cheap) wine here for those who want to handicap themselves in the games. Background music will be Steampunk CD's - bring them if you have them.

We will vote on what game(s) is/are most popular for those who attend. You should bring your favorite games to increase the choices. I have plenty of card decks and a card game rule book. There are folding tables and some extra chairs if we need them for multiple tables/games

This isn't a required costume event, but dressing a little creatively would add to the fun. I have propane heaters and an electric radiator under the dining table, but be sure to dress warmly (particularly on the lower half). This is one event where layers of Victorian clothing will be appropriate.